Campervan Conversion

Sorry for the break, but I am back with some exciting news: Josh and I bought a van!!

A few years back, my trusty old Nissan Xterra broke down and it was time for me to buy a new car. I decided that I wanted to do something crazy, buy an old beat up van and convert to a campervan. Unfortunately, I was struck with reality and realized that, regardless of not having any debt, I could not get a loan because I did not have any credit history.

So fast forward to now, my credit is excellent, but not really needed anymore because I was able to save up some money and Josh decided to go in on the project with me. Overall, the timing just made a lot more sense. And with that, the dream evolved and we ended up getting a used Ram Promaster High Roof.

Now, first thing first, we are not moving into the van…for now. While we love the idea of living in a van (helllllllooooooo cost savings!), it doesn’t seem ideal with our current situation. We both love our jobs and I have a dog. So living in a van, parked outside of work with Tycho waiting, 9-5 Monday through Friday, sounds terrible. So instead, this van is going to be for weekend climbing adventures and road trips. And this arrangement played a large role in how we are designing it.

Mainly, we are looking for a simple van with a kitchen and a permanent bed (not one we have to build every night). We are also trying to play with the space to add a couple of seats with a pull out table. And we are planning to do EVERYTHING ourselves.

Fan installation, insulation, electrical, flooring, cabinets… everything. So we are going to be busy this summer because our goal is to have it done by September!

Did you know the first thing we had to do was cut two giant holes into the roof for installing the fans?!? Thank goodness for youtube videos to help us!!

Final thing, this blog is not going to convert to a “van life” blog. BUT I will be giving some updates, along with some cool time lapse videos. Check out the videos below, where we installed our Killmat (deadener) and installed our fans.


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