Building Character In A Tiny Living Room

Technically, this isn’t our living room, but actually, the opposite side of our bedroom that we have transformed into a living space. Once I moved in and we took over the downstairs area, we realize it had a lot of potential to make the second portion of our room a quaint space that was simplistic but had a lot of character.

Here are a few things we did to brighten up our space! Plus, links below for items.

Art Wall

I am passionate about art and I like to show that in a room. Whether it is a dramatic Syliva Ji photo, an original piece from a vendor while traveling, or a piece that I made myself, they make great conversational pieces. And of course, sentimental photos that always make you smile. For me, that’s a picture of my dog Tycho buried in the sand.


Scenic staircase with flowers and the boat- original paintings from Spain, artist Tell

Prism shelf- WorldMarket (exact), Similar

Tile Print- Reskate Arts and Crafts (Josh’s Cousin and his wonderful gf)


One of the first things you might notice is Josh’s climbing gear. We needed a place to put it and decided it would be a cool idea to highlight it on the wall. After searching a few ideas of Pinterest, Josh made this cooling gear rack that matches nicely with the room.

Pinterest idea links- photo 1, Idea 2


If I had it my way, everything would probably be white and black with some wood accents! But Josh is a little more lively than me, so we needed to work in some color. We happened to be in a plant store in Petaluma when we came across this blanket. We both were immediately attracted to it and realized it complimented both our colors; my black and white, with Josh’s orange and gray.

Blanket: Similar

Want to see more? Check out my design section for more.



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