2018 Holiday Gift Guide: For Every Type of Person in Your Life

The holidays are right around the corner and, if you’re anything like my large family where everyone is completely unique and hard to shop for, you need to start thinking about what to get them NOW.

So I made a list of some great gift for different people in your life. I hope it’s helpful!

For the Go Getters: A Coffee Set-Up

Josh and I love coffee and have spent a lot of time (too much, maybe?) figuring out how to make the perfect latte at home without purchasing an expensive espresso machine. We aren’t experts, but we have found that making Moka (concentrated coffee, not quite espresso but very similar) on the stovetop with a Bialetti and topping it off with some manually (makes it sound hard, but it ain’t) frothed milk, makes a latte better then most coffee shops I have been to.

We found out about this method via a youtube video. It’s a game changer and I can’t wait to purchase this gift for less than $40 to share some great coffee with my friends when I come to visit!

Oh, and don’t forget about some coffee! Stumptown is my personal favorite…

If you are feeling extra giving, make them a DIY Pour Over Coffee Station!


For the Homebody: Joanna Gaine’s book Homebody

Am I a little obsessed with the Gaine’s family and their Magnolia empire? Yes, but who isn’t!

Which brings me to my next gift recommendation, Joanna’s book Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces you Never Want to Leave. This book cleverly layouts the 6 different designing styles, demonstrates real homes that Joanna herself has designed using a balanced mix of these different styles, and goes through different sections of the home to explain her process of design. She even includes sections where she pinpoints different elements you should focus in each room and how to troubleshoot common problems.

This book is the perfect gift for someone who loves to design and/or fixer upper. And, as Joanna says, “Ain’t nobody like a Homebody”!

And don’t forget about the Magnolia cookbook, Magnolia Table, or a subscription to their magazine, Magnolia Journal!


Love Magnolia too? Check out my trip to Waco, TX for some fun trip suggestions!


For the Adventurer: Hiking Shoes

I heard about these Sorel Ainsley Conquest hiking boots from a few different bloggers and I am so glad I followed the hype! These are hiking shoes, but really, I see myself wearing them as everyday winter boots. The shoes are very reminiscent of the retro “Wild” book cover shoes, but instead of the red laces, the black detailed laces give it a more toned down look.

The shoes run true to size, but they are snug! So if they are going to be worn with thick socks, I would highly recommend getting them a half of a size up.

And don’t forget to pair these with a great United by Blue enamel cup and some Smart Wool socks!



For the Person Who Has Everything: 23andMe Kit

My parents tend to be the hardest to shop for, so when I surprised my mom with a 23andMe Ancestry Kit, I was shocked at how excited she was! This kit is sent to your home and only requires a little bit of spit. You then ship it in and you get your results back via an app on your phone that explains your results to you.

There are two different versions of the kit, one that tells you your ancestry and one that tells you both your ancestry and your health. Health means that it tells you about genetic health risks, carrier status, and wellness. Keep in mind, some people (like my mom) do not want to know about their genetic health. Personally, I would want to know, but I also have a background in science/chemistry. But for those, who do not want to have to worry about any health problem possibilities, then I would recommend just getting the ancestry.

The Ancestry portion of the kit is really cool in itself. It gives you a summary of your ancestry composition, including percentages from around the world.

Also, the most common misconception about these kits, your data will not be shared without your consent. Sharing your data can help scientific and medical research, but you do not have to share it if you do not want to.

Don’t forget to pair the kit with a “Family Tree Hugger” mug (which literally made me LOL) and a do-it-yourself Autobiography book!


For the Young Scholar: Star Wars R2D2 Kit

Hear me out, this is not just any droid…you build this R2D2 and program it via code!

I have younger siblings and niblings (LOOK IT UP! IT’S THE ACTUAL NON-GENDER TERM FOR YOUR NEPHEWS/NIECES!) and I do not want to just get them something that makes them just stare at a screen.

This kit allows you to build an R2D2 and they have “missions” where they code the droid to complete them. My excitement for this gift is also due to my love for Star Wars, which I am determined to pass on.

Have a Harry Potter fan in the family? Be sure to check out this code programmed wand!




P.S. Here is a fun tip for wrapping up your awesome gifts…use polaroids instead of To and From cards to personalize your gifts. This year, I am using pictures of my dog Tycho in a Santa hat and the results are pretty adorable. 



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