Climbing in Red Rock Canyon, NV


This was my second time traveling to Red Rock Canyon, just outside of Las Vegas, NV, for climbing. When I went two years ago, it was the first time I had actually finished a route outdoors.

Growing up in the mountains, the desert always sounded so boring to me. I read about it in books and heard all the stories about it being a wasteland where nothing survives. But Red Rock Canyon changed any preconceived notion I had. This National Conservation getaway, only 20 mins from the Las Vegas Strip, is filled with miles of hiking,  panoramic views, and some of the best climbing in the states.

If you are ever thinking about climbing outdoors for the first time, I would highly recommend this place. The sandstone you are climbing on provides so much texture, even after three days of climbing my hands did not hurt. And with so many places to climb, if you ever get bored of a section (which is hard to do) you simply back up your bags and walk to the next big wall only minutes away.

Where we climbed:

  • Black Corridor
  • Panty Wall
  • Sandstone Quarry





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