Easy Plants for Your Home

Who has two (green) thumbs and can’t seem to stop gardening…this gal!

If you have seen my Instagram lately, you might have noticed that my plants are starting to make an appearance almost as often as my dog. I guess I managed to keep a few plants alive and now I can’t stop finding more and more plants that I want.

I have learned so much about houseplants lately and I cannot get over how much they can make a room seem, well, HAPPIER! Josh the other day said, “there has to be a correlation between plants and happiness”. It turns out, he is right. Studies have shown that houseplants reduce your stress levels, increase your productivity, and boost your mood.

So all the more reason for my crazy, new hobby. In light of my plant lady lifestyle, I thought I would list a few plants that I have made me extremely happy. Oh, and they are easy to care for too!

1. Monstera deliciosa (aka the Swiss Cheese Plant)

Monsteras have been all over the internet and for good reason. They have big leaves with holes and can range in size to give a really dramatic effect. Not only are they a show stopper, they are easy to care for as well. They prefer some humidity and need filtered, indirect light.

Usually, you can find Monsteras at a nearby plant nursery, BUT if you can’t, you can also buy them on Amazon like me! I had never purchased plants off of Amazon, so I was a little nervous at first. However, mine came in amazing condition and just keeps growing!



Source: Homeoftheactiveintrovert.com

The Houseplant Lover's Guide to Monstera Deliciosa: Tips, Tricks & Care

Source: apartmenttherapy.com


2. Maranta

I came across a Maranta at a plant shop in Petaluma, CA. My immediate reaction was to the pre-historic looking leaves, which were purple on the bottom. The store had around 10 or so of these plants and when I went back just a few days later, they were all gone!

Apparently, these plants are also known as the “prayer plant” because the leaves fold together at night time as if they are praying. I was shocked to hear that because I had not seen mine do it! Apparently, if it is a more mature plant, and the leaves are starting to hang, it is not as obvious. I love my plant and would never change it out, but if you are thinking about getting one, I would recommend getting a younger one 🙂

Similar to the Monstera, this plant needs some humidity and bright, non-direct light. My plant is a little bit smaller, so what I do is set it in the bathroom while I am taking a shower. Seems to be working!


Source: Homeoftheactiveintrovert.com

Prayer Plants - Maranta Care | Apartment Therapy

source: apartmenttherapy.com

3. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Maybe you have heard me talk about this plant in my blog post Design: Drawing up Ideas. To no one’s surprise, I found a Fiddle Leaf Fig at Home Depot and I am in LOVE. I found a nice basket for it at HomeGoods and it sits perfectly by the couch.

The best part about this tree is it really does speak to you when it needs something. It does need some bright, indirect light and watering once a week. The leaves are stiff and almost waxy. But if it needs some water or fertilizer, the top two leaves will get soft. Usually, I stay on top of it, but it’s a great reminder if you get sidetracked.

While I did find mine at the store, I have heard good things about the ones they sell on Amazon. The fiddle leaf fig does really well with bright light, near a window.


Source: Homeoftheactiveintrovert.com

here's exactly what you need to do to keep this plant alive...

Source: domino.com

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