Life Update: Just Finished Moving

Here is something you probably already know: moving sucks!

And in the Bay Area, it is especially hard. Prices are high, places are small, and the competition is real. Thankfully, when my roommates notified me that they bought a place and that I needed to move out in 30 days, Josh and I had already planned to move in together and we were able to lock down the master bedroom in his already leased house (A big thanks to the roommate that switched us rooms!).

So I thought, “Oh, this isn’t that bad!” But it still sucked.

Moving into a place that everyone already lives in is hard. Everyone has their stuff in place and everything of mine just feels like it is getting in the way. Most of the last 6 years for me have been living on my own until last year when I decided it was time to get roommates and actually save money. So I own everything I could need in a place, which includes a lot of things that my roommates already have, especially furniture.

So I have spent most of the last few weeks packing and donating/selling/trashing a lot of my belongings. What is also quite hard is getting rid of things I really like, but realizing that I just don’t have space for them now.

What can I say…I am emotionally drained.

On the bright side though, financially I am set and Tycho now has direct access to a yard for the first time in four years. I am learning a lot about compromise, especially when it comes to design (Josh has a lot more opinions about it that I anticipated!). But overall things are starting to come together.

I am looking forward to showing off a few projects that are planned for our room, but until then, here are a few “Before” pictures that I took on my phone. Our room is VERY large and we are able to have a small living room along with our bed. And we have divided up the space with a desk that we really wanted to incorporate for those WFH days. My plants (have I mentioned that I have gone plant CrAzY over the last four or so months!?!) are all over the place and, what I am most excited about, we started planting some things in the backyard.

Have any ideas for us? Let me know below!




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