DIY Pour Over Coffee Station

Josh was so excited to make a DIY Pour Over Coffee Station, so we ended up making two!

A while back I made a list of some design ideas I had and number one on the list was making a cheap drip coffee station.

When Josh and I sat down, we each came up with a design and in the end couldn’t choose between the two. So we just decided to make both since we were so excited about them. Josh’s design was a lot more creative and very custom to his ceramic coffee dripper, while mine ended up being simple and could actually fit two cups.

Here are some quick instructions for Josh’s Pour Over Coffee Stand. Directions below for mine as well!

Josh’s DIY Pour Over Coffee Stand

What you need:


  1. We started off with a large piece of wood and used a jig saw to get the pieces we wanted. Once you have the pieces, make sure to stand down the ends so that they are smooth. DSCF4003.JPG
  2. Before screwing the pieces together, you can stain the wood with any color you’d like. We just happened to have some red oak stain laying around that worked perfectly. DSCF4018.JPG
  3. Next, start with the base and back and take two screws to secure them at a 90-degree angle. DSCF4025.JPG
  4. With Josh’s ceramic coffee dripper, we use two 1.5×4 inch pieces on the upper part of the back piece (high enough to fit your cup underneath!) and take two screws to secure. Walnut is a very strong wood (Josh broke two screws and a drill bit), so we felt that two screws were enough to secure everything. But if you have a softer wood, I would recommend more!DSCF4026.JPG

Alex’s DIY Pour Over Coffee

What you need:

  1. Again, we used a larger piece of wood to saw the sizes that we wanted and then just sanded down the edges to make it smooth. DSCF4013.JPG
  2. What was so easy about this DIY was that I didn’t use any screws! Instead, I glued all the pieces together and then used two wood clamps to hold it together for about 1 hour. DSCF4020.JPG
  3. I added a cork board to the bottle to catch any drippings, but that is totally optional! And that’s it!DSCF4030.JPG

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Josh's Pour Over Coffee Station

Alex's DIY Pour Over Coffee Station


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