Preparing for Europe

Well, the countdown has officially begun, Josh and I leave for Europe in 5 weeks!

This is basically the first time I am leaving the country. I went to Germany when I was 13 for my sister’s wedding, but I was very young and didn’t really get to appreciate it. So for this trip, we are going all out and visiting four countries in a little less than 3 weeks.


Josh has family in Spain, so are flying in and out of Barcelona, where we are planning to spend most of our time. But we are spending about a week and a half exploring Switzerland, France, and England.

After we land in Barcelona, we are planning to stay one night before flying the next day to Geneva. From there, we are renting a car. We are planning to spend a couple nights in Annecy, France and a couple of nights in Sarnen, Switzerland before we hop on a train to Paris.

We are only spending one night in Paris (because, why not?) and then heading straight to London. We have a full four days in London before jetting off back to Barcelona, where we spend the remainder of our trip.

All in all, we are spreading ourselves a little thin! We are doing a lot, in a short amount of time, but I think we are going to have a blast.

But the best part is that we are doing everything at a reasonable price. We got our tickets to Barcelona, round trip, for $600 each. And with the extra flights, trains, Airbnb’s, hostels, and car rental, we are shelling another $600 each. Considering the average plane ticket to Europe alone is around $1200, I’d say we are doing pretty well!!

So all I need to do now is learn 3 new languages. Oh boy…


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