Design: Drawing up Ideas

Motivation has been exceptionally hard for me this week.

I don’t know if it has been the busy work schedule, the difficult decision to purchase a new phone, or the fact that my car was hit while it was parked just right outside my front door…and they didn’t even leave a note!

Either way, my brain has been constantly thinking about design concepts. Here are a few on my list:

1. DIY wood coffee pour over stand

Hello!! So cute, but why are they so gosh darn expensive! I think I can make one on the cheap.


2. Battery Operated Sconces 

It would be awesome if cute, battery operated sconces were available for renters. Even for homeowners, it would be an easy electrical wiring solution. Maybe I can buy a regular one and make it battery operated?


3. Chevron-ish designed wood plate with hanging lights to go over your kitchen island. 

This one is a little more outside of the box, so I had to draw a concept picture.


4. Fig trees for everyone.

I. LOVE. FIG. TREES. I just want to find an indoor tree (alive or fake) for my place that isn’t going to break the bank. I am looking everywhere!!


Have any ideas? Let me know below!




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