How I Set Up my Record Player

It’s been about 4 years since I purchased my first record player. When I moved out to San Francisco for a job, I was broke and spent most of my time in my tiny studio apartment alone because I couldn’t afford to go out with friends. Well…to be honest, I didn’t have that many friends at the time either.

So with one of my first paychecks, I made a (somewhat) sketchy visit to a basement via a craigslist ad to purchase my Sony turntable and then picked up my Yamaha receiver from a local thrift store.  I immediately hooked everything up to the worst speakers you can think of, not knowing any better, and listened to my first record, Herbie Hancock’s “Speak like a Child”, for about three days straight.

For how broke I was when I first moved out to San Francisco, being able to enjoy a record, for only the price of a few bucks at a thrift store or yard sale, was pretty meaningful to me.

Went through my old photos and found this…first day with my record player!

Now, 4 years later, I have updated my speakers and got some proper storage bins. I made dividers with some soft foam boards and glued on letters to help me stay a little organized. To make the area feel a little more “me” I added some art and, of course, some skulls.

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Details below with links!!






Record Player Set up Links!

Record Player: Sony Turntable (similar)

Reciever: Yamaha– Newer version (similar)

Storage Bins: Open Cube Storage

Picture: Ruben Ireland, The Mound II (Similar, Similar, Similar) Instagram @rubenireland

Want to hear about my favorite records? Let me know below!!

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