5 Inspirational Screenshots: Design

Whenever I find something that inspires me, I take a screenshot.

I am pretty sure I am not the only one who does this because now, even iPhone creates a separate folder in your photos called “screenshots”. So I thought I would share a few that I have really inspired me.


1. Bathroom Goals.

When I told Josh that I had found my dream bathroom, he quickly responded with, “I bet 10 dollars it’s black and white.” He knows me well…

Between the herringbone tile with the dark grout and the concrete sink, I immediately fell in love. Find more @malmo_and_moss on Instagram!



2. Plant Goals.

I recently have gone plant crazy and photos like this just make me so happy! I also just bought a letter board off of Amazon which has added a quirky focal point to my desk. Right now it says, “you can do this. -coffee”, but this might by the next one.

Find more at @la_sidhy on Instagram!


3. Desk Goals.

I am currently redoing my cubical at work (check out my highlights on my Instagram for updates). So when I happened upon this desk, it really inspired me. Since I made my desk table black, I really like to see how others, who have a primary, black color in their scheme, make the area feel warm and inviting still.

Also, it took me forever to realize that those aren’t tiles behind the desk! Very sneaky….

Check out more @tatjanas_world_ on Instagram!


4. Living Room Goals.

Hello, black and white…aka my favorite color combo.

What I really love about this space, is the white, brick fireplace with a wooden mantel. They just placed a piece of wood on top of it, and now you suddenly have this cool accent that can be tied into the rest of the space (like the outline of the black chair, the coffee table plate, the firewood, etc.).

Check out more @housetwohouse on Instagram!IMG_7508

5. Door Goals. 

The black wood with the big gold handle. Need I say more? G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S

See more @modernclementine on Instagram!




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