A Reflection on 2017 and What 2018 has in Store….


Another year, another day to reflect.

I look at my past a lot more than I should. Usually, I focus on what I did wrong so that I can learn how to be better. So when the new year comes around, I try to remember all of the good.

This past year, I didn’t have any career changes, which is odd because I was apart of a rotational program within my company that required me to switch jobs every 6 months. After I was placed in my permanent position in May of 2016, I settled down in my new role and noticed that I had a few extra hours on my hand to focus on other goals of mine: home decor, fitness/wellbeing, and traveling.

A lot of my goals can be captured on this blog, which is why I started it. While I was back home for Christmas break, a few people asked me why I started writing online instead of, let’s say, a journal. To simply put it, I wanted to have more meaning behind what I am doing. Everything I write about on here, I would do whether I had a blog or not. But now I can share it with others, who might find it meaningful, instead of just keeping it to myself. A few people read this, a lot of people don’t. But at the end of the day, I am proud of my work and will continue to write about the random things I like to do.

So, a look back at my 2017 goals:

Home Decor:

Fitness/ Wellness:

  • Rock climbing
    • went to Yosemite, Goldwall, St. Helena, and Smith Rock
  • Opening up about my Depression
    • I recently wrote “5 Ways I Cope with My Depression” on my blog. I had a few people ask me, “are you really sure you want to tell people this? It took you years to even tell me.” True, it is not the easiest subject to bring up, but I am not ashamed of the fact that I suffer from depression. And if it helps even just one person, why would I hold back? And if anyone were to judge me because it, I simply do not want them in my life.


  • Quick overview…
    • National Parks Visited: Arches, Canyonlands, Zion, Death Valley, Yosemite
    • Local Trips (California): Tahoe, Morro Bay, Mount Shasta, Mount Whitney, Los Angeles
    • Bigger Trips: New York, Alaska, New Orleans, Oregon
  • Question: Are there any of these that you would like to hear more about? Please let me know!

And now here are some random goals that Josh and I have started to accumulate for 2018:

  • Hearst Castle
  • Spain (cheating a little bit, the tickets are already purchased!)
    • We are still deciding on places to visit while we are there since it is cheap to travel within Europe. So far we are thinking of London and Croatia.
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Show at the Fox Theater in Oakland

I told you they were random.

Either way, I am looking forward to 2018 and sharing it with you on Home of the Active Introvert!


We rang in the New Year at Crater Lake. Have you ever taken a photo so beautiful that it looks like you are standing in front of a green-screen?



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