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I love art.

I love drawing, painting, woodwork, everything. So naturally, I have filled my room with some of my favorite artists and prints that make a smile brush across my face every time I look at them.

The biggest piece in my room is the one hanging above my headboard (pic above). I lived in Colorado for a little over 20 years before moving to the bay area. Colorado holds a very special place in my heart, so when I was deciding what to put above my bed the thought of mountains immediately popped into my head. I took it a step further and went onto art.com and found a print with Longs Peak on it (the most prominent mountain next to where I grew up). When someone walks into my room, I really want them to get a sense of who I am. And this picture plays a large role in that.


The next biggest piece in my room is by my favorite artist of all time, Sylvia Ji. This piece was a gift to myself after I got my permanent position at my company. This print is Marigold Catrina, which I managed to find on ebay. Normally her work is sold on 827ink.com, but you have to act quick. Lately, artist proofs have been sold in waves, but she is a very popular artist and they go quickly. Recently, an artist proof of her Black Domina went on sale. They gave everyone just a little bit of notice and said it would go on sale at noon. So I scrambled myself to get to the computer 10 mins before, refreshing the page every 10 seconds. The clock stuck and as I was typing in my credit card information at checking out when a message appeared that said: “I am sorry, but there seems to be nothing in your cart”. That was one of the sadest moments of my entire life (and I am not exaggerating). But there are still some more artist proofs on the website right now, check them out!

Fair warning though, if Caribou manages to come on sale again, back off….It’s mine.


One of the smallest pieces I own, but still just as important, is my print by Ruben Ireland. I found Ruben off Instagram one day and became obsessed. His illustrations are mostly in black and white and convey a sort of dark-fairytale. This piece is called The Mound II and can be found on Society6.


Last, but certainly not least, is the newest addition to my collection. While I was in New Orleans, walking around Jackson Square, I moseyed into Vieux Carre Fine Art Gallery, saw this photo, and immediately purchased it. I don’t think the cashier even told me the price before I yelled, “I’ll take it!”, I just knew it was mine. I’m not sure if it is the rain, the guy playing the saxophone, or the fact that she’s barefoot, but something about it really spoke to me. And the frame itself is a masterpiece of its own that I purchased at Aaron and Brothers.

So these are the photos that I have…just in my room. If there is a lot of interest in this post, I’ll be sure to follow up with other pieces I have around the house.




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