Surprise! Its a Pottery Date…

Surprise! It’s a pottery class….

I surprised Josh with a pottery class that I found off Verlocal. Well, technically, it wasn’t a surprise because he figured it out the night before after I told him that he needed to wear something he didn’t care about and trim his nails.  But it was a surprise none the less and we had a great time.

The class, called Clay and Coffee, started at 9:30 and lasted two hours. After a thirty min introduction and demonstration, our teacher really gave us a lot of freedom to do whatever we wanted. He only intervened if you asked for help, which we did quite frequently. At the end of the class, we filled out an iPad form where we picked from a few glaze colors that we liked and that was it!

I was a little worried at first because it’s a tad bit expensive (~$60/each). But we walked away with four pieces each, which includes them trimming, glazing and firing each piece for us. It’ll take 3-5 weeks before they are ready for pick-up, just in time for the holidays.

Afterwards, we when to the Ferry Building and checked out the farmer’s market and had some lunch. Overall, it was a very relaxing date and I definitely recommend it!

Also, I think Josh really found his calling…his pieces look pretty fantastic.


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