Why am I doing this? No Seriously….

I am an introvert. A person who can’t even speak up in large groups and hates technology. Everything about me tells someone else that I am not a blogger.

As a chemist by degree, the only thing I have experience writing, on a professional level, are reports. But you know what I do have? Passion, ambition, courage, and some extra time on my hands.

This blog is a place for me to express myself in the hope of inspiring others. As a lifestyle blog, I plan to talk about things that interest me, such as art, design, fitness and even personal struggles.

My goal is to talk about these topics so that my readers take away something positive. Whether it is an idea or simply being able to say, “oh good, I am not the only one”.

And every now and then, I hope I can make you laugh. I am pretty damn funny…and humble.


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